Let the food be your medicine and the medicine be your food

A characteristic of nutrition in hospitals and other medical institutions is that the dishes offered to patients should be as healthy, nutritious, invigorating, and representing dietary menus for the entire range of patients and their treatments.

At the same time, medical staff, from nurses to surgeons, need meal breaks during long shifts. Breakfast, lunch or dinner served by doctors becomes very important in maintaining work rhythm, heightened attention and combating fatigue.

Seasons Catering comes with experience in organizing and executing the entire spectrum of meals in hospitals.

Why would you choose the Hospital Catering service from Seasons Catering? 

With the emergence of the first private multidisciplinary hospital in Moldova, Seasons Catering became the first company to develop catering service for the healthcare system. For over 10 years, Seasons Catering has been organizing and serving all meals at the largest private hospital in Moldova.

Our dietitian specialists design diverse and healthy menus, tailored to the patients of these institutions. Additionally, hundreds of patients over these years have confirmed how varied, delicious and of high quality were the meals during their hospitalization.

Organization of a catering service for hospitals

Properly organizing breakfast, lunch and dinner not only for patients but also for medical staff is key for long-term collaboration. The experience and expertise accumulated in the field makes us leaders in this segment and we can proudly say that we serve daily hundreds of portions for each meal delivered to the hospital, including holidays.

We are a responsible team working to improve the comfort of patients in hospitals. We also understand how important it is to provide doctors with warm and invigorating meals so that they can regain their strength and stay at the forefront of patient care throughout their medical shifts.

Key aspects discussed in organizing a catering service for hospitals

  • Number of patients and medical staff to be served
  • Daily/weekly/monthly/seasonal menu
  • Customized menus according to patients’ diets
  • Time and location for meal and product delivery
  • Specialized equipment for patients/doctors meals
  • Dedicated staff for meal distribution
  • Transportation and storage details for meals/food/products
  • Pricing, payment conditions, tax benefits

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