Proper nutrition for children forms the basis of their healthy development, both in kindergartens and schools

Since 2017, Seasons Catering has been a partner in the development of menus, preparation and daily service of meals for students and teachers of one of the largest and most prestigious private high schools in Moldova.

Seasons Catering can be a partner to any school or kindergarten in the organization and execution of the full spectrum of meals for students and children of all ages.

Why would you choose Seasons Catering’s Catering Service for Schools and Kindergartens? 

In collaboration with a school or kindergarten, we place a strong emphasis on children’s nutritional needs from the start. We have gained extensive experience in satisfying the needs and preferences of both children and parents, leaving them satisfied. The goal is for children to receive a balanced diet that helps them grow healthy and gives them the strength to achieve their study goals.

Our impressive production capabilities, modern equipment and dedicated and skilled chefs allow us to prepare and serve a considerable number of students, children, and teachers.

Variety of Menus for Children

Seasons Catering creates menus for all children depending on their preferences, also taking into account the predisposition to allergies, such as:

  • Standard menu: This menu is universal and suitable for preschool, elementary, middle school and high school age children. This menu contains the necessary amount of vegetable and animal proteins, carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables.
  • Non-allergic menu: This menu is suitable for children who are allergic or lactose intolerant and do not eat products that cause the risk of an allergy. The menu contains products without allergenic substances and without lactose or vegetable oil.

The key aspects discussed in the organization of the catering service for schools and kindergartens

  • Number of students/children and teachers to be served
  • Daily/weekly/monthly/seasonal menu
  • Allergenic products and any other allergens to avoid
  • Price creation, payment conditions, tax advantages
  • Personalized menus according to the preferences and needs of children
  • Specialized equipment for children’s / teachers’ tables
  • Staff dedicated to the distribution of meals
  • Details of transportation and storage of meals/pieces/products
  • Certifications and permits for feeding children
  • The time and location to which the meals and products will be delivered

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